Welcome to suremaths.

I cannot count the number times when I have heard the phrases:

  • "I was never any good at Maths",
  • "Why learn Maths when you can use a calculator?"
  • "I never liked Maths in school"
  • "Maths is difficult. Where do you need to use it?"

These are some of the saddest things I ever hear as I like Maths and have always sought to make it accessible to every learner.

My aim in creating the website is to make every learner sure-footed in their learning journey.

Our slogan is "Practice makes perfect" and we provide shed loads of practice quizzes. We achieve this by setting up a wide range of practice at different levels in a deliberate effort to give every learner a starting point.

We encourage each user to find their best starting point to reassure themself that they can do Maths. Once they have found that level, they can take small incremental steps to progress by attempting the next level up and calling on the demonstration media which we have created.

We expect and advise all our learners to contribute ideas and methods in each course forum. To help this we generally use randomised questions so that the our learners can share the methods rather the answers. For example, we optimally want our users to remind each other that "the angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees, so if you know two of the angles you find the third one by making sure the three do add up to 180 degrees" as opposed to "the answer to question 4 is 46 degrees".

Self-confidence instils the willingness to accept to have many failed attempts while learning and continue to learn. Nobody knows before they start to learn.

I remember the day I picked up my piece of chalk and a board on my first day in school. I did not know how to draw the numbers or how to say them - until I learned. I certainly did not know I was doing Maths.

Last modified: Wednesday, 30 September 2020, 2:31 PM