11+ Tuition

The 11+ is a selection test for children transferring from year 6 at the end their primary education to year 7 for the start of their secondary education if they wish to be admitted into a grammar school.

Normally they would apply to the nearest schools to their home in order of preference. They local authority processes the applications and assigns places to the schools to all year 6 children in order of the distance, or siblings and so on, if distances are tied. If siblings are also tied other aspects come into consideration.

Detailed advice can be requested from your child's primary school or the local education authority.

Grammar schools admit children by selection using the 11+. Admission does not depend on catchment, only on the test results. Grammar schools are listed in the transition book, which usually contain details of all the secondary schools and their open days. They usually state what tests are used and when they are to be taken.

Our service is to prepare your child to take the test if you choose to try to gain them admission into one of these selective schools.

We can provide a pack of practice tests which you can use to help your child for a one off payment. our packs are better value because you can download and print them yourself. Or we can print them for you. They are not in bound booklets like you can get from bookstores, but they contain exactly the same level and quality of material.

Our tutorial service includes the services of a tutor to guide explain the skills your child needs to practice.

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