You are looking for regular practice at your child's pace...

Whether you are looking for support to prepare for your 11+ entrance exam, your GCSE or your GCE A-Levels, we have it. We provide support for students from year 1 to year 13.

Our Message to Parents

SureMaths Learning Centre is a place for every learner of Mathematics to practice, improve and explore.
We believe that a sound understanding of Mathematics improves your child's performance in every other school subject.
We believe your child can always improve through a structured routine of skill buliding.
Starting with the familiar, your child will gain confidence that they can do Maths. We will encourage and reinforce a routine of independent self-driven practice.
As they gain confidence it will become easier and easier to attempt exploring more challenging concepts in an environment of safety and support.

Our maths website has been set up by Dr. Manases Titahmboh an experienced teacher of Maths in Birmingham.

The large number of interactive questions give the student a lot of scope for practice, with the quizzes marked as soon as they are completed. Each quiz also contains an indication of the National Curriculum level on which it is based.

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