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How to review quizzes with dynamic diagrams

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Missing diagrams generated by jsxgraph

When review quizzes with dynamic diagrams, your child may notice that some diagrams go missing after submitting their answers and when trying to review all the answers. This is a property of the way the diagrams are inserted in the quizzes.

The solution to this problem is to review the use the "Show one page at a time" link at the bottom of the review page. That option displays a question at a time in the review and this is able to display every diagram.

Your child does not need to know about the plugin in the title. I have put the reference in case other users elsewhere experience the same issue on other websites. Please just not and apply the solution.

Covid19 Response

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Free Access to More Content

As part of our focus on safeguarding and general child safety, we are granting access to many more sections for quizzes and games.

Children will access improved content including new short guides to many topics. These support them as they attempt the corresponding quizzes.

GCSE Key skills practice quizzes

by Manases Titahmboh -

15 quizzes in each grade A-G give you the chance to master the skills through repetition.

Once happy at a grade you can step half a grade up and continue to build your confidence.

All questions are chosen from key skills at each grade and the inter-grade quizzes contain proportions of questions from grades either side.

A similar set of quizzes is under development under the new grading system of 9-1.

Watch for them and request passwords to access them. Good luck with your regular practice and revision.

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